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Reed Japan to Add Robots and Smart Factory to Exhibition Portfolio in 2017

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Reed Exhibitions Japan, the organizer of Nepcon Japan 2016 and Lighting Japan 2016, has made revolutionary changes in its exhibition plan and introduced more advanced technologies and manufacturers to broaden the industry’s horizon. Lighting Japan 2016 held at Tokyo Big Sight from January 13-15 this year showcased advanced smart lighting technologies and international lighting components. In an exclusive interview with LEDinside, Reed Japan Show Director Yuhi Maenozo and the company’s Media Organizer Yuki Omichi, shared some of their valuable insights.

Reed Exhibitions Japan Show Director Yuhi Maenozo (right) and the company’s Media Organizer Yuki Omichi (left).  (All photos courtesy of LEDinside)

In total more than 2,000 manufacturers attended the show this year, it is also the first year that the organizers were displaying wearable devices. “Just as participating manufacturers and industry insiders have witnessed, many visitors from Japan and international markets have attended the show this year,” said Maenozo. “Most attendants priority is to exchange information or procure advanced technology products. The total number of manufacturers at the show increased from 1,830 in 2015 to 2,032 companies this year. The total number of visitors has also climbed up from 85,908 last year to 91,000 in 2016.”

The show ground this year spanned from the East Hall to the West Hall. Automotive related technology and components were featured in the West Hall, which also featured Nepcon that assembled emerging trends in the electronic industry and products that are still in development. He especially pointed out automotive related technologies performed exceptionally well in 2016, the number of participants had increased 30% compared to last year.

Visitors crowding in front of the Automotove World 2016 expo entrance organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan this year.
Why has the number of automotive industry related exhibitors at the show risen so much? The main reason is the number of automotive component manufacturers has grown, due to the industry’s optimistic outlook for car electronics, automotive LEDs, thinner and lighter automotive components, and other electronic cars, batteries and related technologies.

Additionally, the Wearable Expo organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan has become the second largest exhibition of its kind in the country, the size of the expo has doubled in Japan compared to 2015. Many may have noticed the launch of diverse wearable devices at the CES 2016 exhibition in U.S. this year. At the U.S electronics show that took place from Jan. 6-9, 2016, large wearable device makers and innovative start-ups alike displayed commercialized products and prototypes.

Reed Exhibitions Japan has started to recruit for interested manufacturers for its upcoming expos in 2017. Workers assemble post stickers onto booth spots that have been taken by interested manufacturers.
At the Wearable Expo in Japan, manufacturers displayed finished end products, and many wearable technologies. Many of the manufacturing equipment showcased had entered the mass production phase, and were no longer just limited to R&D, research, or prototype applications. Related government agencies have even named 2016 as the year of wearable devices. Many wearable devices, components, LED light sources, and OLED panel technologies received attention from manufacturers.

A crucial feature of the January show held in Japan is it builds on top of the foundation of electronics, and makes the most out of current market trends. But what future application developments does it hold?

Reed Exhibitions Japan to add robots and smart factory expos in 2017

At the 2017 expo, Reed Exhibitions Japan intends to add two new themes: robots and smart factories to its exhibition line up next year. The emerging smart factory technologies which is classified under the emerging Industry 4.0 could create more IoT applications for factory production lines.

The scope of robot applications include service, security, and industrial robots that will gather leading manufacturers from Japan and overseas to showcase the latest products and technologies. The show organizer projected the new expo will attract many companies and buyers that use robots to attend.

Smart factories is another emerging trend that is becoming increasingly popular in Industry 4.0. The focus of the display will mostly be automotive industry and automated production. If factories want to raise their production efficiency they can integrate IT, robots and IoT technologies. The exhibition is main axis of the show is smart manufacturing, which is targeting automotive manufacturers, component retailers and others in related supply chains. So far the company has received positive feedback from the market.

The next International Lighting Fixture Expo organized by Reed Exhibitions Japan will be moved to October in 2017 and no longer fall under the LED Tech Expo.
In other words, the expos next year will mostly feature the latest innovative technologies encompass wearable devices, electronics, automated cars, LEDs, and smart factories.

In the LED market sector, car sensors tend to use invisible IR LED sensors and laser diodes for distance detection. There are also many optical component suppliers, catching on to the new trend of automotive manufacturers applying LEDs in car lighting applications. LEDinside has observed growing number of LED manufacturers that have chosen to use customized modules to form new strategies and make market breakthroughs in the automotive lighting market in the near future that is worth looking forward into.

The International Exhibition for LED/OLED Technology and Application or also known as the Light-Tech Expo is scheduled to take place in January next year.

As for the original International Lighting Fixture Expo, as mentioned in an earlier article has been separated from the Light-Tech Expo and will be integrated with expos related to building devices and components. The new International Lighting Fixture Expo will take place on Oct. 26, 2016 for three days in Yokohama. Reed Exhibitions Japan has started promoting the exhibition and has started inviting interested manufacturers to attend.

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